About us!

At Sakku Group we work with an aim to develop our organization into a world class productivity centers and we do so by engaging the innovative minds to work with challenging tasks.

Sakku Group is a premier organization established in the year 1979, with the business of commercial layer farms. In the financial year 2014-2015, Venkatrama Poultries Ltd produced 1200 Million eggs. As the largest and pioneering poultry in India, it was another successful year with boundaries pushed further in the quest for excellence. Foreseeing bright opportunities, Sakku Group established Sakku Spinning Mills in the cotton rich Guntur district. After successfully establishing the brand name 'Sakku' as one of the best cotton yarns in the Indian domestic market,  Sakku group soared into the international yarn markets mainly China, Taiwan, Pakistan, Europe, South Korea, Vietnam to name a few. In a short span of time, Sakku Spinning Mills Ltd established its name in the international markets, and for excellent export performance, TEXPROCIL lauded the performance by presenting the bronze award for reaching a turnover of 4490 Million Rupees. 

Sakku Group is committed to provide the maximum benefit to its
consumers by providing high quality and high productivity output such that the needs of the public are satisfied and opens the gates to evolve into a leader in the Indian market. Our visceral commitment to innovation has helped Sakku Group confront the challenges that we have faced over the past three decades. Our commitment to quality control in our organization had led to the best quality outputs.



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To Produce Premium Quality Commercial Layer Chicks ensuring prosperity to Farmers and Stake Holders alike. ”

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” SAKKU is dedicated to provide every individual an opportunity, products and inspiration to achieve what they are capable of. We all have potential to do great things. SAKKU is unique to support consumers, associates and employees fulfill their true potential and reach heights they may have thought un-reachable. “


  • Production of quality Day Old Chicks to suit the Market needs.
  • Produce Quality Eggs according to Global Standards
  • Build a strong network of distributionship
  • Substantial share in designer egg market through Sakku Brand.
  • Develop State of the Art farming techniques that are best suited for achieving desired results.
  • Forward and Back ward Integration by updating with the latest technologies.
  • Excellent Profile and good rapport with Suppliers & Customers.
  • Distinctive Financial Standards.
  • Maintaining enduring relationship with employees.