About us!

At Sakku Group we work with an aim to develop our organization into a world class productivity centers and we do so by engaging the innovative minds to work with challenging tasks.

Sakku Group is a premier organization established in the year 1979, with the business of commercial layer farms. In the financial year 2014-2015, Venkatrama Poultries Ltd produced 1200 Million eggs. As the largest and pioneering poultry in India, it was another successful year with boundaries pushed further in the quest for excellence. Foreseeing bright opportunities, Sakku Group established Sakku Spinning Mills in the cotton rich Guntur district. After successfully establishing the brand name 'Sakku' as one of the best cotton yarns in the Indian domestic market,  Sakku group soared into the international yarn markets mainly China, Taiwan, Pakistan, Europe, South Korea, Vietnam to name a few. In a short span of time, Sakku Spinning Mills Ltd established its name in the international markets, and for excellent export performance, TEXPROCIL lauded the performance by presenting the bronze award for reaching a turnover of 4490 Million Rupees. 

Major Companies

  • Venkatrama Poultries Private Limited
  • Sakku Spinning Mills Private Limited
  • Nine Hills Tanzania
  • Venkatrama International LLP
image Venkatrama Poultries Private Limited

At Venkatrama Poultries our layer chickens are proudly raised to produce highest quality eggs. The SAKKU brand guarantees that you are buying highest quality eggs produced by following highest industry standards and environmentally friendly methods. Venkatrama Poultries is a family owned business which stands proudly at south and central India, East Africa. Venkatrama poultries family has been farming since 1979. The product range has been very successful with an increase in demand from both our customers and consumers. We are proud to announce that starting with 1000 layer birds we currently own and control 6 million layer birds currently making us the biggest layer farm of South Asia.

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image Sakku Spinning Mills Private Limited

Sakku spinning mills started its journey in the year 2006 and has made its way in the market as one of the leading yarn producers catering to both domestic and international customers. Innovation, Technology & Quality has been the pillars of foundation since the inception of organizations journey. Sakku's brand mark has been made in the markets of India, China, Taiwan, Pakistan, South Korea & Vietnam with 51,648 spindles functioning round the clock producing premium quality yarn. Sakku’s growth has been powered by Indian values of the management and Global standards of the Employees. At Sakku the team thrives forward by creating excellent work atmosphere which enables the employees to expose their talent. Sakku’s work atmosphere allows the employees to develop multi-functional skill sets and enable knowledge sharing between them.

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image Nine Hills Tanzania

Nine Hills Tanzania, one of the SAKKU GROUP Company is a Commercial Egg Producing Co., located in Tanzania established in 2016 now with a capacity of 2.8 Lakh Layer bird's .

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image Venkatrama International LLP

Venkatrama International was established in 2016 in the chilies rich Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, India with a capacity to process 30000 tons per annum. Venkatrama International exports wide varieties of chilies such as S17 Teja, Byadgi and 335 in stem, stem less and machine cut varieties to various countries across Asia - China, Vietnam and Thailand.

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